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  • Strangles – An early case

    The following video illustrates an early case of strangles. This horse presented with choke and a purulent nasal discharge. Endoscopic examination of the throat and both guttural pouches was very interesting. Enlarged abscesses in the throat had ruptured into the guttural pouch on one side and was about to on the other side. A guttural pouch wash was performed. This involves spraying sterile saline over the roof and sides of the guttural pouch via a catheter introduced into the scope. Saline collects on the floor and mingles with the contaminated serous fluid and purulent material.This is retrieved,via the catheter, back into the syringe. A sample of this fluid was sent to the laboratory for culture and sensitivity. A few days later the lab. confirmed isolation of the Strangles organism Streptoccus equi.