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Mobile Diagnostic Unit

Utilise our excellent on yard diagnostic service with its own discounted visit scheme.

Our equine mobile diagnostic unit (EMDU) is available when your horse cannot be transported to our equine clinic or if you are unable to bring your horse in for any reason.

EMDU visits

Our mobile diagnostic unit also operates a zone scheme for routine appointments. The EMDU visits your area once a week under this scheme. This is a different day to your free zone visit day and the cost of a call-out is only £30.00 including VAT no matter where you are!

Find out more about our free zone visits and discounted zone visit schemes.

Please watch the following video. It explains fully the services offered by our mobile diagnostic unit.

Our EMDU is equipped with cutting edge equine diagnostic equipment:

Equine X-ray

Our digital radiography system enables us to take and process X Rays on the yard. Images are viewed on the computer screen within four seconds of taking the exposure.

Video endoscope

Here Mike is using the video endoscope. It is generally well tolerated in the un sedated horse. A video gastroscope can also be used with this system providing clear images on a flip up screen.

Equine ultrasound scanner

Our battery operated ultrasound scanner provides superb images even in field conditions. The most subtle lesions are readily identified.

Battery operated dental equipment

Our battery operated dental equipment is fast, efficient and quiet and again is well tolerated in the un sedated patient.

Our battery operated ECG is small and unobtrusive and provides diagnostic cardiac information in the standing and exercising horse.

For further information or to book the EMDU on your zone day please call the clinic on 01327 811007.