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Free Zone Visits


Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we are currently unable to offer our Free Zone Visit scheme due to a reduced workforce. If you would like routine work completing for your horse, we can either offer this on a reduced callout of £20, a normal visit or you can bring your horse to either our Towcester or Onley clinic.

Thank you for your cooperation during these unprecedented times.



One day a week, one of our talented vets will be in your Free Zone area.

We have divided our catchment area into five zones with one vet visiting each zone once a week.

Our free zone visit allow all routine work to be carried out without the visit fee. By planning ahead and making sure you book your zone visit in before 12pm the day before you can save money and keep on top of your horse’s health.

These visits are mainly for:


Routine teeth rasping

Prescription checks

Horse health checks

Passports and microchips

Alternatively, if your horse requires more extensive work you can book in for one of our Mobile Diagnostic Van Zone visits. The call out charge is £30 and these visits fall 2 days after your Free Zone Visit day.

These visits are for:

Initial lameness consultations


Ultrasound scanning

X-ray diagnostics

Please be aware that with our Free Zone visits and Mobile Diagnostic Zone visits you will not be able to request a time. All of the visits are plotted the day before the appointment and you will receive a call that afternoon with the time. If we cannot get hold of you we will either: leave a voicemail, send an email or send a text message with the appointment time and details. We then ask that you confirm you have received the time.

To book your appointment, please ring either our Towcester practice on 01327 811007 or our Onley practice on 01788 523000.

The left column is your Free Zone Day and the right hand column is your Mobile Diagnostic Van Zone visit days. Please consult the map to see which zone you fall in to, if you are unsure please contact either of our equine practices and we will happily let you know.