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  • Radiography

    Our equine clinic possesses a radiography room equipped with  four separate x ray generators, two of which are mobile. We therefore have the ability to x ray your horse at your own yard or at our Northamptonshire clinic.

    X rays are processed digitally and can be viewed in high definition making even subtle lesions easily identifiable. We can also enlarge images so our equine vets can examine areas of interest more closely.

    This is a digital X Ray of a fetlock which can be easily enlarged to view areas of interest

    Radiographs can be emailed to recognised equine specialists quickly and efficiently if an expert opinion is required. We can also email radiographs to your farrier to aid him in the most appropriate foot trimming and shoeing for your horse or pony.

    Our highly portable DR system enables X rays to be viewed at your yard within only four seconds of taking the exposure! You are able to take advantage of this service by booking our mobile diagnostic unit with its reduced visit fee structure.

    Our highly mobile DR System, X rays appear on the computer screen 4 seconds after taking the exposure

    Our portable digital system is perfect for taking radiographs during pre purchase examinations (vettings), often a requirement for the insurance of horses/ponies over a certain purchase price. Please read Alice’s orthopeadic blog which looks at the predictive value of pre-sale radiographs in young horses.