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  • Ultrasonography

    In field ultrasound copyWe have five ultrasound scanners. All three are mobile so our equine vets can use them at our Northamptonshire clinic or on yards/stables throughout Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire and beyond. Our battery operated ultrasound scanner provides an high quality image even in field conditions.

    Ultrasonography allows us to view soft tissue structures. It helps us see areas including:

    • tendon, ligament and bone surfaces in orthopaedic cases
    • abdominal organs in horses with colic, weight loss and diarrhoea
    • the chest in horses with respiratory problems
    • the liver when liver damage has been picked up on a blood sample or if a liver biopsy is recommended
    • the bladder in cases with urinary dysfunction
    • the eye in ocular cases
    • and, of course, the uterus in pregnancy diagnosis.