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  • Major Wound Suture in a Heifer

    Our Vet Nikki certainly had her work cut out with this horrific injury to a heifer!
    The injury occurred when the heifer who was sat under a trailer parked in the field, tried to get out quickly and unfortunately took half her back with her!

    hef back wound

    Once Nikki had assessed the situation the work began. Irrigation of the wound to reduce the bacterial load in the tissue, debridement of unhealthly skin edges to promote the best chances of healing and with a full 5 hours of suturing and over 100 stitches later things were looking a lot more promising!

    She behaved beautifully and after standing to be repaired exited the crush to immediately stick her head in a bucket of food!

    Needless to say Nikki has been attending the farm for regular visits to check the wound and she is pleased to report it is healing well.