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Farm Animal News

We publish a quarterly newsletter which has news on what’s been happening in our farm animal department and information on keeping your animals healthy. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive a copy, please complete the form below.


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Autumn 2018 – (Featuring articles including Blakesley Show Round Up, Farm Bench, Funding for TB Testing, Fever Tags and Upcoming Events)

Summer 2018 – (Featuring articles including Red Tractor Updates, Eligibility for BVD Free Herd Status, TB Help, Blakesley Show and Worm Control in Camelids)

farm newsletter winter 1718 +SJ Changes-1

Winter 2017/18 – (Featuring articles including Bovine TB, Pelvic Scoring in Heifers, Watery Mouth in Lambs, Lambing Club and Alpaca Blood Drive)



Autumn 2017 – (Featuring articles including First on farm TVC meeting, Antimicrobial resistance data, Making the most of your TB visit, planing a productive lambing period and More…)


[1]FARM NEWSLETTER SUMMER17 Summer 2017 – (Featuring articles including Summer fly issues, Camelid parasite warning, BVD Free update, Ram MOT’s, Congratulations to Becca and More…)


[1]farm newsletter sheep summer special 2017-2

 Sheep Summer Special 2017- (Featuring articles including buying in the right stock for your flock, Ram Vasectomies, Abortion vaccine reminder and Blakesley show 2017)


farmnewsletterspring2017Spring 2017- (Featuring articles on Reducing Lamb Losses with Clostridial Vaccines, Update on BVD Free, SCOP’s updates, Post Mortems for Herd and Flock Health, Compact Calving and More…..)



Winter 2016/2017 (Featuring articles on the Importance of Colostrum, The Camelid Blood drive, The New TB Scheme and Free Laboratory Testing for Barren Ewes)




Autumn 2016 –(Featuring articles on BVD Free, Blood Sampling in Ewes and Vitamin D deficiency in Camelids)