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    Vet inspecting cattle feedOur farm animal vets support beef farmers across Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire. We work with a wide range of commercial and pedigree beef herds. Whatever your aims are, we are here to help you achieve them.


    We offer a wide range of fertility services.

    Our synchronisation programmes are ideal for batch calving heifers or tightening the calving pattern in the main herd.  Synchronisation also allows AI to be used without the need for daily oestrus detection. This allows you to have the best genetics for your herd without the need to purchase additional stock bulls.

    Our bull breeding examinations can be used as a routine check before starting work for the season, pre-purchase so you know what you are buying or when investigating poor fertility.  We use the most up to date equipment so we can fully examine your animal and collect semen samples in the safest possible environment.  Given the importance of the bull to your suckler herd we also offer pre-purchase advice on health status to get the best match for your herd and insurance inspections so your investment is protected for the future.

    Our licensed embryo store is available to all clients who wish to store home flushed or purchased embryos.  We are happy to implant embryos for individuals or synchronised groups depending upon your farm set up and requirements.  If you would like any more information on embryo transfer at Towcester Veterinary Centre please contact the office.

    We understand that to maximise returns a whole herd approach is needed. By taking into account disease, management, nutrition and mineral status we can help you get the best from your herd.

    Health planning

    We encourage all our clients to have full, useful herd health plans that look at prevention and control of ongoing health problems and best practice to maximise returns.  We see health planning as more than just a paper exercise, and work with our clients throughout the year to get the best from the information available on farm.

    We have good working relationships with national laboratories to get the best tests for your money and navigate herd accreditation and eradication schemes.  If vaccination is the correct route for your stock we can create farm specific programmes to achieve best use of resources and create a healthier herd.

    Beef youngstock

    We offer a range of services to help you take your calves from birth to finishing. We carry out everything from monitoring newborn health and colostrum intakes to faecal examination for worm egg and coccidial counts, vaccination programmes and nutritional advice.

    As you would expect we also provide all the usual services: disbudding, dehorning and castration as well as individual and group disease investigations.

    Beef management group

    Our beef management group meets frequently throughout the year. It is a farmer led group run in conjunction with EBLEX to discuss topics that are of interest to the group.  Recent meetings have covered optimum parasite control, use of EBVs and sire selection.  New members are always very welcome, so if you are interested or wish to be added to our mailing list please contact the office.

    Defra duties

    All our farm vets are registered local veterinary inspectors (LVIs) able to perform TB testing for routine herd, short interval and pre-movement testing, as well as anthrax and abortion enquiries.

    Beef cow exports

    We certify beef cows for export. For more information on this please contact the surgery.