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  • Dairy

    Vet inspecting dairy equipmentOur farm animal vets provide a comprehensive and proactive service to dairy farmers working in all set ups in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.


    We provide a range of fertility treatments, all designed to help you get the most from your cows. These include pregnancy diagnosis, the use of embryo transfer to treat repeat breeders in the herd, examination of non-bullers and freshly calved cow checks. We also offer synchronisation programmes for batch calving heifers or to allow fixed time AI for cows that are a challenge to spot bulling.

    Regular fertility visits have been shown to reduce calving to conception intervals, allow quicker detection and treatment of uterine infections post-calving. We use a scanner for pregnancy diagnosis so you have accurate fertility information for your herd and can therefore manage it more efficiently.

    Our bull breeding examinations can be used as a routine check before starting work for the season, pre-purchase so you know what you are buying or when investigating poor fertility.  We use the most up to date equipment so we can fully examine your animal and collect semen samples in the safest possible environment.

    Mastitis and cell counts

    We are proud to offer the Dairy Co Mastitis Control Plan, a fully integrated plan that looks at all aspects of environment, parlour routine and housing.

    Whether you are part of the DCMCP or not, we can also perform parlour assessments, teat scoring and provide rapid turnaround of milk bacteriology to aid in treatment and prevention for individual or herd problems.

    We analyse milk recording data from TotalVet and Herd Companion to allow for a targeted herd approach to cell counts and mastitis issues on your farm. The data allows us to recommend best practice in use on dry cow products, reducing costs and antibiotic use on farms.

    We combine competitive prices for intra-mammary and other treatment options with expert advice to ensure you get the best treatments for your herd.

    Lameness and cow comfort

    We have the experience to be able to offer advice on the impact that housing and environment have on herd lameness. We can also use cow comfort scoring to get the best from your herd.

    All our farm vets are trained in the Dutch 5-step foot trimming technique to re-balance and apply a curative approach to foot lesions.

    Herd health management

    We are well placed to help you be proactive in determining disease problems on farm, whether by bulk or individual milk tests, blood sampling or through assessments of nutritional status with cow side tests and computer analysis of milk recording data.

    We have good working relationships with national laboratories to get the best tests for your money and navigate herd accreditation and eradication schemes.

    We offer competitively priced vaccines. We can also offer experienced advice to back up the products and create tailor made vaccine programmes for your stock.


    We offer a range of metabolic profiling services, from cow side tests to monitor energy intakes to full herd assessments to find out what your cattle think of the diet presented to them.  We are always happy to discuss findings with your nutrition advisor to ensure that all areas are being addressed.

    Use of TotalVet and Herd Companion programmes allow us to use milk recording data to identify sub-clinical health issues that can hold back herd performance.

    Dairy youngstock

    Dairy heifers are the future of your herd and we offer many services to help you achieve the best growth rates and health status as they mature.  As well as integrated vaccination and disease monitoring we offer colostrum quality and intake monitoring, in-house worm egg counts, housing advice and tailored programmes for oestrus synchronisation.

    Defra duties

    All our farm vets are registered local veterinary inspectors (LVIs) able to perform TB testing for routine herd, short interval and pre-movement testing, as well as anthrax and abortion enquiries.

    Dairy cow exports

    We certify dairy cows for export. For more information on this please contact the surgery.