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  • Sheep

    Vet inspecting a sheeps headOur farm animal vets work with sheep farmers in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire. Our clients include all types of sheep farmer from pedigree or commercial to small pet flocks.

    Fertility services

    Our fertility services include ram fertility examinations and semen testing to help ensure good ram fertility and pregnancy rates for the coming season. We also offer ram vasectomies when necessary.

    We work with you to develop synchronisation programmes for your ewes to help out of season or early breeding or to help tighten your lambing pattern. We offer metabolic profiling and mineral testing, vaccination programmes,  abortion investigation and disease control information to maintain the health and fertility of your ewes.

    We carry out lambings and caesareans on farm. However, should it be necessary, we also have the necessary facilities at our Burcote Road site in Northampton.

    Lambing Club

    Our popular Lambing Club offers members special rates for lambings and sheep caesareans at the Burcote Road surgery. For more information, please contact us.

    Lameness advice

    Untreated lameness can have serious consequences. We can provide advice on lameness and carry out investigations to establish cause. We offer foot trimming and footbathing to maintain foot health.

    Parasite control

    Parasite control is vital to maintain and protect your flock. We work with you in controlling and monitoring the threats. We carry out faecal egg counting (FECs) in our own in-house laboratory. We provide SCOPS (Sustainable Control of Parasite in Sheep) advice to optimise your use of wormers, flukicides and other products. We also advise on pasture management to maintain its long-term safety.

    Disease control

    Responsible management and control of disease in sheep is essential. We are qualified in the accreditation, monitoring and eradication of disease. We can advise in cases of abortion. We can also offer advice and practical support to help you maintain high health flocks, including providing services such as blood sampling.

    Flock health planning

    We also work with farmers on flock health planning to ensure your flock stays healthy and viable in both the short and long term.

    Defra duties

    All our farm vets are registered local veterinary inspectors (LVIs) able to perform TB testing for routine flock, short interval and pre-movement testing, as well as anthrax and abortion enquiries.

    Sheep exports

    We certify sheep for export. For more information on this please contact the surgery.