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  • Small Holdings

    IMG_8747 (2)The number of small holdings both in Northamptonshire and in the rest of the UK is growing. Our farm animal vets are more than happy to see all types of animal and size of flock or herd either on farm or at the surgery.

    Our experienced and friendly vets are available to discuss all aspects of stock care for everything from small flocks and herds to single animals. We can guide you through requirements in areas such as:

    • keeping farm stock
    • best husbandry practices
    • preventative disease programmes from worming to infectious disease.

    We also have regular client meetings and publish newsletters to keep you up to date and allow you to meet other smallholders in the area. To join our mailing list, please contact us.

    We feel that smallholders should have access to the same quality of care and service as the bigger units. This means, for example, that we provide medication for small flocks and herds in appropriate quantities where we can. We have individual animal care and pigshospitalisation facilities for small ruminants and camelids, which is ideal if your own set up is not equipped to provide separate care facilities.

    Defra duties

    All our farm vets are registered local veterinary inspectors (LVIs) able to perform TB testing for routine herd and flock, short interval and pre-movement testing, as well as anthrax and abortion enquiries.

    Farm animal exports

    We certify a full range of species for export. For more information on this please contact the surgery.