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  • Information for Pet Owners

    Close up of RabbitMost of the time, your pet simply needs routine care. Find out more about what our free nurse clinics have to offer.

    You can also get plenty of information on the day to day care of your pet in this section – simply browse through the menu on the left.

    What happens when your pet visits Towcester Veterinary Centre?

    Losing a beloved pet

    Your pet is a much loved member of your family. When they pass away, the feelings of bereavement can be the same as if you had lost a human member of your family. If you have recently lost a pet, you may find The Ralph Site useful. If you need to have your pet  put to sleep then we are here to help you any way we can. When the time comes there are several options for euthanasia.

    Stray animals

    If you find a stray animal you can contact South Northamptonshire District Council. If you find the stray during office hours, call 01327 322322. If you find the stray outside office hours the number to call is 0800 160 1022.