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  • Free Senior Cat Clinics

    IMG_2681We are now offering free senior cat clinic for all cats over the age of 7.

    These clinics will involve a weight check, blood pressure check and urine sample check (free non-absorbable cat litter can be provided by us before your appointment so you can bring a urine sample from your cat with you). But don’t worry if you can’t get a sample – your cat is still welcome!

    These clinics can highlight any abnormalities in blood pressure, urine concentration or any weight changes which can be a sign of problems commonly found in older cats.

    Blood pressure monitoring in older cats is particularly important as high blood pressure is a common finding but is often not diagnosed until severe organ damage such as blindness, heart disease or stroke like symptoms have occurred. One of the aims of these clinics is to diagnose affected cats early so that we can treat them to reduce the risk of severe problems later on.

    The clinics will be run by our clinic nurses Kirstie Smith and Claire Martin. Results will then be passed on to one of our vets Kate Davis or Sarah May who will be able to discuss any abnormalities with you immediately. Further investigations, treatment or ongoing monitoring may be advised.

    It is recommended that cats over the age of 7 are checked on an annual basis. Once over the age of 11 year checks are recommended every 6 months are recommended.

    If you would like to find out more about these clinics and book your cat an appointment, please contact us on 01327 350239.

    Please note that if your cat is showing any symptoms of illness that you are concerned about a normal veterinary consultation is required.