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  • Pet Insurance

    Nobody likes to think of their pet being sick or injured, but if something does go wrong pet insurance can certainly help cushion the cost of veterinary care and give you peace of mind.

    Insurance policies not only cover veterinary investigations and treatments, but, depending on the policy, can also assist with covering costs of boarding your pet if you are taken ill, advertising costs if your pet is lost or stolen, or even legal expenses if your pet causes an accident resulting in third party damage or injury.

    Insurance cover is not just available for cats, dogs and horses. It’s also available for rabbits and other exotic pets.

    There are a variety of policies available, and it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the policy and the cover available to you and your pet before proceeding.

    There are generally two types of policy:

    • a covered for life policy; an individual condition is continually covered at each policy renewal as long as no break in cover occurs
    • a time limited policy; an individual condition is only covered for a fixed period of time or fixed financial amount and will be excluded once that period of cover ends.

    It’s important to remember that pets can suffer from ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes and osteoarthritis. These plus many other conditions require frequent treatment and ongoing monitoring. Costs of treating such conditions can add up over time so it’s an important consideration when considering a time limited or a covered for life policy.