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  • Losing a beloved pet

    Time to Say Goodbye

    Owning a pet is an amazing experience filled with love, laughter and companionship.  We all want the vey best of our pets throughout their life.  When the time comes to say goodbye we want the process to be as peaceful as possible.  Sometimes out final act of kindness is the act of kindness that is the most difficult to come to terms with.

    Choosing the right time can be extremely difficult, in some cases you may have time to plan ahead. Perhaps you could make a bucket list for your pet or gather some of your pets favourite things to go with your pet at the end.

    Here at Towcester, Weedon and Paulerspury we like to try to make this process as stress free as possible to ensure that when you have made your decision we can make you and your pet as comfortable as possible throughout.

    In The Clinic

    When visiting the clinic we will try to book you in during our quiet periods and you will be offered the option to sit in a room with your pet away from the Waiting Room. This allows you to say your goodbyes peacefully and to hopefully ensure that you have a more comfortable experience. We also have a quiet garden at the rear of the building or if you prefer your pet can remain in your car.

    Home Visit

    If you feel that your pet would be more comfortable in their own environment then we can make an appointment to visit you in the comfort of your own home. A vet and a nurse will come to you and will give you time to say your goodbyes.  If you have chosen to have your pet individually cremated then a representative from our service will come to your home to collect your pet for removal to the Crematorium.

    What Happens if your Pet Passes Away At Home

    If your pet passes away at home and you would like to arrange collection for individual cremation then contact Reception who will organise this for you. You can also bring the pet the surgery and will make the necessary arrangements.


    Some pets can be anxious when attending a vet appointment and may become unsettled.  Sedation is available for all patients.  This is usually given via an injection which will make your pet sleepy.

    Saying Goodbye

    Euthanasia for is performed using a coloured drug similar to anaesthetic which allows your pet to slip away painlessly and peacefully. The drug is usually administered into a leg vein so the vet may need to shave a small area to allow for easy access.  Cats will have a catheter put into their leg to make it easier and less stressful to administer the drug. Your vet will talk you through the entire process and explain each step that they take. After the drug has been administered it is not uncommon for pets to make involuntary movements after they have passed away.  The vet will be on hand to reassure you about anything you are not sure about.  The vet will confirm the passing by listening for a heartbeat with a stethoscope.  Throughout the process you are more than welcome to remain with your pet if you are comfortable to do so. It is also perfectly fine to leave the room and either come back after the process has taken place or simply leave.

    After Euthanasia

    Some owners like to keep a copy of their pets paw print, a clipping of fur and the collar and lead. We are happy to organise this and take care of them until you are ready to collect them. Please do not feel that you have to make payment on your way out.

    Your pet can be sent to the Lawnhill Crematorium who provide a respectful and dignified service to owners.  They offer an individual cremation service with ashes being returned for scattering in a pouch, in a Casket for you to keep with or without a nameplate or if you prefer they will keep the ashes. We will call you to let you know when ashes are returned to us for your collection.  Should you wish to do so your pet can be cremated with their favourite toy or bed.  Information on the cost of Individual Cremation and further options are available at Reception.

    Alternatively, you may wish to take your pet home for burial, this is also perfectly acceptable.

    Pet Bereavement Support

    We are here to offer support at this difficult time. Our staff are eager to help no matter what the situation. We are now able to offer Pet Bereavement Support via a trained member of staff. If you feel that you would like to talk to someone about your loss then please ask a member of the Reception Team to make the necessary arrangements.

    Useful Contacts

    The Blue Cross 0800 096 6606

    Other Ways to Remember Your Pet

    There are so many ways to remember your pet.  Here are some suggestions:

    Post a Memorial on the Blue Cross Website, hold a funeral/memorial, plant a tree/shrub/seeds, make a collage, write a poem/anecdote/story/song, make a journal, purchase a gift to a school/library in your pets memory, save some fur/take a paw print, make a treasure using some of their fur/ashes, sponsor an animal in their memory, make a memory box, light a candle.