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  • Overnight Stays FAQs

    Collie staying overnight as an inpatientHave you ever wondered what happens to your pet if an overnight stay is necessary?

    Towcester Veterinary Centre is proud to provide 24 hour continuous nursing care to ensure that any pet needing hospitalisation receives the very highest standard of care.

    Our dedicated night team works throughout the night making sure all of your pet’s needs are catered for. This not only means feeding, changing bedding and providing an opportunity for dogs to toilet but also more specialist skills such as administering medications, changing dressings and monitoring vital signs. Sometimes just spending time comforting a nervous patient or encouraging them to eat can speed up their recovery.

    Sleeping inpatient in cat wardTo ensure our patients are relaxed during their stay we provide spacious kennels in separate dog and cat wards.

    Few practices are able to offer this level of comprehensive care for their in-patients.

    We hope you can leave your pet happy in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest standard of care.