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  • Hospitalisation Facilities

    Chocolate Labrador in hospital cageLeaving your pet when he or she is ill is very difficult. Our facilities have been designed so that you can leave your pet knowing he or she is as safe and comfortable as possible. We have round the clock continuous care to ensure that all of your pets needs are taken care of and any problems are dealt with promptly.

    We have hospital cages for all sizes of patient. We have separate wards for dogs and cats, which reduces the stress your pet may feel. We also have an isolation ward where we can care for infectious cases.

    We can provide fluid therapy if your pet is unable to drink. We have intensive care facilities if your pet is seriously ill. One of our vets is always on hand to give advice or administer treatment as needed.

    Our hospital has at least one nurse on duty 24 hours a day to monitor and care for our patients. Our nurses provide medical care in the form of administering medications and pain relief, changingdressings, checking vital signs and maintaining intravenous fluid therapy. They also provide practical care by feeding, changing bedding and providing the opportunity to toilet. And perhaps most importantly, they provide TLC. Comforting a nervous patient or encouraging a pet to eat can speed up recovery and make a patient’s stay more comfortable.