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  • Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy

    Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy can be useful in lots of different situations. These can include:

    • rehabilitating orthopaedic patients after surgery
    • managing chronic osteoarthritis
    • managing orthopaedic or neurological conditions without surgery.

    Our physiotherapy and hydrotherapy programme is managed by one of our rehabilitation nurses, Hollie O’Brien.


    Like human physiotherapy, animal physiotherapy uses techniques to increase function and mobility of joints and muscles. It has been proven to maximise the overall physical recovery of small animal patients.

    What types of physiotherapy are there?

    There are many different types of physiotherapy. These include:

    • cryotherapy – the application of cold packs
    • thermotherapy – the application of heat packs
    • a passive range of motion and stretching
    • controlled exercises
    • hydrotherapy.

    What are the advantages of physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy offers many benefits to small animal patients. These include:

    • reduced pain
    • increased function and mobility of joints
    • enhanced and earlier recovery from surgery and injury.

    If your pet has orthopaedic surgery at Towcester Veterinary Centre he or she will go home with a detailed post-operative rehabilitation plan including a programme of physiotherapy appointments with one of our rehabilitation nurses.


    Hydrotherapy is a type of physiotherapy that takes place in water. The natural buoyancy of the water takes strain off the joints and gives animals confidence to move their limbs in a full range of motion.

    What are the advantages of hydrotherapy?

    Hydrotherapy offers many benefits to small animal patients. These include:

    • reduced strain on joints
    • reduced pain, swelling and stiffness
    • improved range of movement of joints
    • improved circulation
    • improved cardiovascular fitness
    • improved tissue healing
    • increased speed of recovery
    • weight loss.

    We strongly recommend hydrotherapy as part of your pet’s rehabilitation programme and have seen many successful outcomes.

    At Towcester Veterinary Centre we work closely with The HATCH Canine Hydrotherapy Centre.