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  • Laparoscopy / Keyhole Surgery

    Laparoscopy is keyhole surgery using a camera to look inside the abdominal cavity. We do this either to explore the organs or to perform a procedure such as biopsy or spaying. It involves inflating the abdomen with carbon dioxide then inserting a camera and instruments via two small incisions.

    In human surgery it has become the gold standard. This is mainly due to the shorter post-operation recovery time.

    We are currently the only veterinary practice in Northamptonshire to offer laparoscopy. We are excited about the greatly improved scope of surgical procedures it means we can offer and the benefits it brings for your pets.

    Why is laparoscopy better for my pet?

    • Less post-operative pain
    • Smaller incisions
    • Less tissue handling
    • Quicker healing and recovery
    • Reduced infection risk
    • Reduced blood loss

    Common uses for laparoscopy

    • Spaying
    • Cryptorchid castration
    • Investigation of the abdominal cavity and its organs
    • Biopsy of liver, kidney, pancreas, bowel

    Laparoscopic spaying

    Your bitch can be spayed using keyhole surgery. The ovaries are isolated and removed via the instrument port. The uterus is left in place, something which has no adverse consequences. The incisions are closed with tissue glue or one dissolvable stitch.

    If you would like to know more about laparoscopy or if you think your pet would benefit from laparoscopic surgery, please contact us.

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