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WellCat for Life

Cat looking through pictureWellCat for Life is a new initiative from the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and brought to you in collaboration with Purina

WellCat for Life is a Europe-wide initiative launching initially in the UK, Spain and Portugal. It has two major aims:

1. To create more ‘Cat Friendly’ clinics

2.  To create a Partnership of Care between vet clinics and owners for the lifelong health of  the cat

Cat Friendly Award LogoThe ISFM Cat Friendly standard is an accreditation scheme open to any veterinary clinic that deals with cat patients. It lays out numerous requirements regarding the design, equipment and facilities within the clinic. Importantly, it also covers the quality of care provided to cats, the level of understanding of cats and their needs in the clinic, and interaction between the clinic and cat owners.

Cat owners will be able to look for clinics that have the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic certification, as a mark of the standard of care they can expect to receive.

At Towcester Veterinary Centre we are proud to have achieved the Gold (Advanced) level of certification which means we met all the criteria to be as cat friendly as possible.

Find out more about this initiative as well as download information about cat behaviour and cat friendly handling at