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  • Endoscopy and Laparoscopy

    Vet performing EndoscopyEndoscopy

    Towcester Veterinary Centre Surgical Referrals offers both flexible and rigid endoscopy. We have flexible endoscopes to enable examination of the airway and gastro-intestinal tracts of cats and dogs. The smaller scope can also be used to examine the nasal chambers (rhinoscopy). We also have 2.4mm and 4mm short rigid endoscopes and a 5 mm long rigid endoscope. The latter is used for laparoscopy.




    Laparoscopy is the most recent speciality to be introduced at Towcester Veterinary Centre, both for first opinion cases and referral cases. We use state of the art equipment from Karl Storz. It is well established in human surgery that laparoscopic procedures cause significantly less morbidity and post-operative pain than traditional open procedures. This has now been well established in veterinary surgery as well. From the surgeon’s point of view there are also many advantages such as reduced tissue handling, more precision and less trauma. The ability to survey the whole abdomen via a single 5mm abdominal wound has many applications and clearly results in a less traumatic method of accomplishing surgeries previously only possible via an open approach.

    Surgeries routinely carried out include:

    • ovariectomy (now considered to be the procedure of choice for sterilisation of bitches)
    • exploratory laparoscopy
    • biopsy of abdominal organs/masses
    • cryptorchid castration
    • enterotomy
    • cystotomy
    • gastropexy.

    Laparoscopy close upThis is an expanding field and the range of procedures being performed is increasing all the time. We are happy to see referrals for simple laparoscopic neuterings, or those that require laparoscopy as part of investigation of illness.

    If you would like to discuss our endoscopy service, please contact us.

    There are some circumstances where it may be necessary to convert to an open procedure.

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