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News and Events

  • Red Tractor Updates

    Red Tractor Updates

    With lots of our clients belonging to the Red Tractor Scheme we wanted to update12:14 pm | Farm Animal

    Paulerspury Vets Opening Tuesday 1st May!

    Paulerspury Vets Opening Tuesday 1st May!

    Exciting news as our Paulerspury Small Animal Clinic, located at the same site as Towcester4:23 pm | Equine

  • Out of hours emergency service

    We are one of the few practices that still provide our own out of hours emergency service. Each department uses its own staff for its out of hours rota, giving you the reassurance of high quality care and a familiar face at a difficult time. We believe that if your animal needs hospitalising, it needs round the clock care. We have nursing staff on duty at all times.

    RCVS BVHA logosRCVS accredited independent veterinary centre in Northamptonshire

    Towcester Veterinary Centre’s three practices are RCVS accredited. Our small animal practice has attained Tier Three and is a small animal hospital. Our Large Animal practice is Tier Two accredited. Our Equine practice is a Tier Two Equine practice.

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